thoughts become things…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog up and running – a basic thought page of daily thoughts and emotions we deal with on the reg however don’t always discuss… so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

November 13…head filled with nothing but overflowing thoughts of what ifs and what could have beens. even though I am surrounded by colleagues, my mind is consumed with the thought of something that consumes my entire being. Someone is calling my name to assist them from a distance but no response comes from my lips…just a gust of tears flow from my saddened eyes down to my cheek and I gasp one more time for the breath I almost didn’t take this morning when I woke up but thank God i was on His “wake up list ” this morning.. this feeling I cannot explain…no one can see it but deep down it cuts like a knife waiting for someone to remove it from the deep scar it will eventually leave

In Gods time they say…

have you ever just wishes that everything would workout immediately and you get so impatient with things that you take matters into your own hands and spoil everything that god has planned for us?…. but then when you finally become still before God and He makes you realise you need to trust Him, everything suddenly falls into place?… today ask God to give you patience and ask him to help you trust and stay faithful , because God is always faithful and will always fulfill his promises…

Respect others

Respect is one of my fav topics. i was raised in a home where you respected everyone irrespective of the wrong they have done unto you and always maintained this throughout my life. If a man/ your partner/your ex/family member says they care but they disrespect you, they do not care. Thats the reality, as harsh as that may seem..believe it. The sooner you realise this, the better for you. In understanding this, you will also realise your worth and value

what is your purpose?

when you wake up in the morning, what drives you? what is your purpose in life? what is your passion?…..

more importantly after asking yourself these questions…do you know the answer?…

For months I battled with this thinking maybe i don’t have a purpose…but I finally realised that God places us on earth for a specific assignment and the mountain we climb are all part of the process.

So today if you feeling lost…Pray to God..speak to Him..and He will give you the answers.

but whatever you do…keep trying and never give up…

The answer might just be right in front of you….

How do you feel when people you love disrespect you?

…to disrespect someone you love shows them the true reflection of who you are. it cuts deep and the wound stays there for months on end. At times it stays in your mind for such a long time, every time you think about it all the feelings and hurt come back. if someone you love disrespects you..please choose yourself and walk away. No matter how much you love someone..sometimes you just gotta let them go….

Pray for those who break you down..

Do you ever wake up in a grateful space, and one message from a person breaks you down?… stay away from people like this. They will break you down until you cannot breathe… you feel worthless inside… you feel like you are the most horrible person, when in fact you care the most about other peoples happiness before yours…. guard your heart from these hurtful things, you are Gods creation and we should not allow others to control what happens to our hearts. Pray for these people, because they have no regard for the way in which they tear you down when all you needed was a message of comfort when going through the hardest of times.

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